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What Our Customers Say

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“Dandruff and dandruff induced hairloss was my major concern.When i saw some fb posts about i was not convinced but their customer interaction actually made me try the product.Let me say the result was 100%.Thank you Umees”
Zaiba ashif
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“Skin was too oily along with too many blackheads and pimples. I tried many solutions including ayurvedic but couldn’t control it.The decision to choose ummees was my major turning point.Although the usage was not regular the results were the ones which I’m longing for a long time”
Santhanu Kumaran
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“The smell of Kumkumadi cream was the first attraction.I think the smell lasts for more than 5 hrs.The texture of the cream is also good.It gave me good results in curing acne, blemishes , dark spots etc.”
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Kajal, cucumber gel, hair oil, shampoo these are the products i tried.Kajal is an amazing product.I guarantee you that the smell of hair oil will give a some nostalgia.
Isha mehrin

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